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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Foodie News

I just wanted to post a little comment on something I saw in the Boston Globe food blog today. Evidently a few days ago Alain Ducasse (the only chef to have Michelin 3-starred restaurants in 3 different countries) started sending food up to the astronauts in the international space station. Of course, when the Americans learned back in 2004 that the French had this up their sleeve, we sent Emeril Lagasse's food up to our own astronauts. An MSNBC article on Ducasse's astro-cuisine makes it sound as if he was copying Emeril - how like the American media to make it sound like we thought of the idea first. Bam!

In other foodie news, KFC is phasing out trans fats (this is important information if you're from the South, as I am). Even more exciting, researchers at Harvard's own medical school did a study on obese mice, giving them red wine extract (the equivalent of what would be 100 bottles of red wine a day in humans!) and the mice derived all sorts of health benefits from it. Lower rates of diabetes, liver problems, and other fat-related illnesses. Pass the corkscrew and the pinot noir, friends - we've found new meaning in the phrase "drink to your health."


Anonymous Doug Bush said...

Becky, how about we have a little wine party sometime then 100 bottles for me, 100 bottles for you, 100 bottles for gilly, we'd have a great day.

7:47 AM  

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